How To Work From Home Productively With An Adult Dog
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How To Work From Home Productively With An Adult Dog

Research shows that having your pet around can reduce work stress. Ever since the pandemic hit and work from home kicked in, dog parents have been enjoying spending time with their furry companions. No worrying about accidents and more flexibility in terms of general care. However, work still needs to get done and that’s not possible if your dog is constantly demanding your attention. So here’s how to stay productive while you work from home with your dog:

Stick to a routine

Routines work wonders with dogs and create a healthy lifestyle for them too. So set down a pattern of work hours during which your dog must not disturb you and scheduled breaks during which you both get a breath of fresh air. Decide strict rules on the time and manner of playtime, for example, you can throw a ball for your dog to fetch from your desk itself. Those first few days of setting the routine will be tough, but don’t give in to those puppy eyes!

Spend time training them

If you have scheduled short bursts of playtime during your work day, you might have to spend some time teaching them important commands and phrases like “down”, “stay” or “that’s enough, it’s time for me to work” to indicate that playtime has ended and that you need to get back to work.

Give them a designated space

Allot a certain spot for your dog, not too close to where you work but near enough that they can see you. They can nap or relax, but if they seek your attention direct them back to their space. It is very important that you don’t give in to them if they bark, beg or whine for attention.

Keep them busy

You know what they say, a bored dog is a destructive dog. Boredom leads them to do bad things like chewing anything in sight or going about their business wherever they please. So make sure to keep your pooch busy with chew toys, chewy treats, puzzle toys or treat dispensing toys which will also help with mental stimulation.

Spend time away from them

Though we all love spending time with our dogs, too much of anything isn’t good and you don’t want your pooch to suffer from separation anxiety once you head back to the office. So spend some time away from your dog (in separate rooms if you’re not leaving home) to prepare them for the future.

Early morning walks

Another tip for working from home with dogs is taking them out for morning walks. This activity uses up their energy and keeps them from feeling restless for the rest of the day.

With just a little training and these tips, you can find a healthy balance between work and your lovable canine.